Maratac Zulu and the Lamy noto

A look at two products. The Maratac Zulu and the Lamy noto.


I picked up a new watch band.


The watch face itself is a Lacoste. It's large and easy to read and I love their iconic alligator.


I originally picked out this watch because of the striped strap but it's clearly not made properly. The Lacoste band is 2mm wider than the Maratac one at 24mm. 


The Maratac Zulu should not have the durability issues of the Lacoste's - they manufacture the bands used by the military and police. This really shows. The Nylon is stiff and thick, though comfortable to wear.

The strap is pretty long. It's apparently because they are commonly used by divers who have to wear it over their wetsuit. 


Installation is of course really easy like all standard nylon bands. 


This is the "4 ring" model so it had two rings (on the right) where there is now one. Having two didn't seem to have any functional reason so I removed one of them. There is even a 2 ring model that does away with any rings on the right side. Should have gone with that.


Because the strap is too long for most wrists, the tail folds under one of the rings keeping things tidy.


The brushed stainless steel buckles look quite nice. They might be a bit overkill for the rest of the watch. Overall, highly recommended. It's cheap but built to last.


This is a pen I've been using for a while. The Lamy noto.



Made in Germany and designed by the master, Naoto Fukasawa. They're just helplessly gorgeous. I remember seeing them for the first time in highschool and thinking how beautiful they were. Should've know it was a Fukasawa masterpiece.



Here it is. The beauty lies in the clip design. It's simply a single cut. Sadly mine has bent slightly out of shape.


I got the impression that the grip was aluminum from photos but it's just painted plastic. It's strange though, because it's got the heft of metal and feels slightly cold to the touch. I think there might be a piece of metal hiding inside.


It's triangular in shape and surprisingly comfortable. 


The ballpoint. Super smooth to write though does sometimes needs a bit of scribbling to get started. It's a great for sketching.


With a Parker Jotter. It has a substantial size. The noto has become my main pen. I wouldn't get one with a silver grip like I did though. Embrace the beauty of plastic instead of masking it with paint.