Seoul - 9


Had a few beautiful days in the past week.



However, Seoul is more often covered by a layer of fog and smog.



Garosugil again. Something very photogenic about this place, everything is just placed perfectly.



I used to love the Soul, then hated it and am starting to understand the car again. There's a reason why it won a Red Dot design award.



The Peugeot 3008 is quite common here. So perfectly awkwardly French.



This is one of the most premium neighborhoods in Seoul called Dogok. At first sight, it looks more like a business district because of the clean and professional look.



It's home to the apartment complex called Samsung Tower Palace. The tallest one is the picture is named tower 3 and is currently the tallest building in Seoul. It's under a 100 floors though, unimpressive considering the scale of the city.



Not the biggest fan of Tower Palace's architecture. Reminds me of downtown Vancouver,  which bores me greatly.



More photos from around the neighborhood. Seems like a nice place to live - Tower Palace, not necessarily Seoul.



A newly opened mall in Seoul called "Times Square".



Watched a movie there and of course, the preroll included a Galaxy Tab ad. I'm getting quite sick of all the marketing.



In Korea they always go through a safety briefing (like on the plane) before a movie. Find it quite peculiar.



Am I the only one that thought Burt's Bees was a small company? Well I must be greatly mistaken.



There's an unbelievable number of books on the iPhone 4. These aren't guides on the SDK, these are books on the iPhone itself. What's there to write so many books about?!



Times Square from the outside. I also have no idea on why the mall is called Times Square.



Koreans have also adopted North America's  "prepare for holidays a month early to get people to shop more".



One of my favorite buildings in Seoul - reminds me of the Mac Pro.



Gangnam Street (literally means South of the river). I should point out that Seoul is separated in half by the "Han River", very much like London. The South of the river is generally more upscale and is where all the heavy development is occurring.



This is the headquarters of Samsung. It was a foggy night and I was going to give up on taking photos when I realized how cool the lighting ended up looking.



Unique Subway entrance of Gangnam station.

Yes, lime green. I think it's fly - in a Nike runners kind of way.



This is the "sport" version of the Morning. Looks totally like Pikachu.



Approaching gaudy territory but I think those alloys look great.



I'm not sure on the laws here but I'm being led to believe that it's not an issue to park on sidewalks. The sidewalk can't be this wide for no reason right?
It's after sunset when the city comes alive. The artificial lighting allows me to shoot at ISO400 at night. Sweet.

Shot of a back alley on the way home. Blade Runner?



By the way, my opinion on these cases is unchanged - they're great.