More on the iPad 2.

So, it's been over two weeks since the iPad 2 launch and almost everyone has one now.


I've been using mine heavily and here are a few jumbled thoughts:


- The iPad 2 is really fast. Really. 

- After some real testing, the iPad 2 does have a better/brighter display than the original iPad and also has slightly more refined speakers.

- The device is now way more comfortable to hold. I don't care about how comfortable phones are but tablets seem to be different because of their weight/size.

- Facetime is really good - because it is so simple. Skype is still the way to go. Come on Skype, release the iPad app!

- The dock connector is inconvenient to use without a dock. It's seriously showing its age now.

- The cameras are garbage unless you are using it for Facetime. That's all you really need them for though.

- The fact that the Smart Cover doesn't cover the back is an increasing concern.

- White iPad = win.


A bunch of my friends have bought the iPad 2 already. It seems like everyone that has been skeptical of the first generation has finally caved in.

One of them picked up the black leather Smart Cover. Not sure how I feel about it. The leather seems to be delicate and shows scratches awfully easily. Overall, feel that $70 is just a bit steep. 

 Ivory and ebony.


It's quite amazing how different these devices feel.


The black one is a 3G model so it has the plastic antenna bar. 


That plastic is really quite distracting.

I know 8 people that bought the iPad 2. Every single person picked up the black model. Interesting.


The black iPad 2 does seem to be better for pure viewing experience. I prefer the white iPad's overall appearance as a physical object.


playful vs professional


The black iPad definitely does have a more sleek look to it. 

The tolerances on these cases are pretty amazing. The leather one is especially impressive - look at how the leather perfectly it wraps the hinge. 


The leather iPad 2 Smart Cover verses the original iPad with the official case.


I don't think most people can rationalize upgrading from the iPad to the iPad 2. They'll undeniably feel jealous though.


I've been back to using my Tridea Scene Stealer sleeve for my iPad for the past few days. I do like the Smart Cover but the lack of any protection for the back is a bit disturbing. Still trying to figure out what I like.


Nearly perfect fit though.