San Francisco. + Dieter Rams @ SFMOMA


I'm in San Francisco. Doing an internship at Frog. Exciting? Yes. Learning a lot? Yes. 

I've been in SF for almost 2 weeks now. I haven't had much experience with the city yet - except for the Dieter Rams Exibition at SFMOMA. 

Since I love Dieter Rams so much, I'll focus this post on the exhibition - Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams 

Before I jump into the exhibition, I'll share some photos of San Fran.


The best way to explain the city is probably by calling it a mix of Vancouver and New York. Not sure. I think it feels European. Then again, I've never been to Europe (yet).


American police cars have an instant bad-assness about them.


I brought my car here but have realized that commuting by car is impossible. I've been taking the bus everywhere. Would be much more fun in Seoul.


I'm starting to really grow a liking for SF though. There's a certain level of refinement and elegance that LA doesn't have.  


But being an American metropolitan city, there's a certain gritiness that is special to the US.


There are lots of pretty cars here too. Good for photos.


And ofcourse, being hipster central, there are plenty of electric/hybrid vehicles. I've already see a few Teslas. Only in SF.

As I've said, the exhibition was held at SFMOMA.


Filled with modern art that I can't understand.


SFMOMA is like a mini NY MoMA.


The design of the museum isn't exactly my cup of tea though; too messy.


Finally, here are the photos from the exhibition. If you've been reading my blog, you know that I've been to the exhibition in Seoul - and even met the legend. The one in SFMOMA is miniscule in comparision. Still totally worth a visit. Or two. Or three.

The photos in this post are from my new Fuji X100. It's been recieving lots of love from me and others. I have never had so many people ask me about my camera.


So much beauty.


 I'll shut up. Focus on the work.


Despite the smaller scale of the exhibition, the lables were more "refined" in SF.









I've been really liking these coffee machines recently. 




Everyone's favorite, the SK4.


The back of the Braun products are better looking than the fronts of many others - just like Apple.


Like Seoul, there was a room with products inspired by Rams. Some were a bit questionable, like these suitcases by the Bouroullec Brothers. I don't see a big connection.


Others clearly show the influence.


Lots of Naoto Fukasawa, Jony Ive and Jasper Morrison. 


Well, that's it.


I'll post more photos from San Francisco soon. See ya.