Kia Soul, Apple LED Cinema Display, IKEA, and Bodum.


I'm in California to attend Art Center College of Design. I rented the Kia Soul for a few days while I was settling into my new home.



The car is very handsome. Keep in mind that the Soul won a Red Dot Design Award.



It's probably the best executed of the box cars sold in America. The Soul seems to take an Audi/VW like approach like the rest of Kia's products (makes sense since Peter Schreyer is Kia's design head).



Love the somewhat Mini inspired design.



Remember how ugly Kia cars used to be?



The car looks fairly large in photos but is more compact in real life. I think it could still lose a few inches though.



The interior. The 2010 model had some really nasty plastics, the 2011 model is a huge improvement.



Just moved into my new apartment.



My new workspace. The calendar is by MMMG by the way; got it as a gift when I bought their wallet. Whoops, forgot to change it to January.



All lamps and furniture by IKEA.



Humidifier by Cyphics.



These Muji trays are awesome for keeping your electronics together.



More IKEA.



After using a 30" monitor at Google, I decided that I really need more than 15" to work. I chose the LED Cinema Display by Apple.



Size comparison.



The absolutely massive box. And why is that drawer pink? Because they were on sale at IKEA. Trust me, I would have gotten white.






It's amazing how Apple is able to make this monitor so much slimmer than their competitors.



Edge-to-edge glass.



Built-in iSight and mic.



3 USB ports.



The monitor also has a 45 watt 2.1 speaker system built in. The subwoofer is located here. Sound quality is "surprisingly decent".






This is why I love Apple.



The foot.



The air intake is to the right and the exhaust to the left. I'm guessing the tweeters are also built  towards the bottom.



Just a single cable (actually 3) and you're all set.



The foot of the speaker is the perfect place to rest your keyboard when you need to use your desk.



The chair I picked up. It's the IKEA Gregor.



Something about the contrast between woven paper and steel frame seduced me.



I think it's pretty sweet.



The casters.






Of course, coffee is one of the necessities I needed to cover.



This is the Bodum New Brazil (1 1/2 US cups).



Yummy. Barely makes 2 cups of coffee. Prefect size for someone living by themselves like me.