The Jawbone Jambox

You know that feeling when you discover something magical?


Well, I've found something. It's called the Jawbone Jambox and it's a super compact bluetooth speaker. Sounds rather unimpressive right? That's what I thought too. But this is so much more. The Jambox is another product that shows how experience > specs. 


The packaging. Pretty simple. Wasteful. 


Some description of the Jambox. It's apparently very loud.


Here it is. It's pretty damn small. Not pocketable small but perfect to stuff inside a messenger bag with an iPad. It's rather handsome too. The top and bottom are protect with the rubber shell while the main body is completely wrapped with a metal grill. 


Comes in a variety of colors. I naturally went with the color closest to white. 


Despite its bluetooth capability, the Jambox comes with an audio cable to connect virtually anything. It's a fancy fettuccine cable - nice touch.


While most speakers come with ugly chargers, a tasteful one is provided here. They even include a short and long cable. Attention to detail people.


A neoprene case is also in the box.


The flaps are kept shut using small magnets. It's not fun to use though. The case is tight and doesn't slide well against the rubber of the Jambox. 


So how does it sound? To put it very simply, it sounds spectacular considering its size. "Size" being the key word here. The Jambox is not something you'd replace a full sized speaker with. There are plenty of people that complain that this doesn't sound good as a $600 Bose speaker. Obviously it doesn't. It's 1/10th the size and 1/3rd the price.


The Jambox has a surprising rich sound and is best enjoyed when it's on a hard surface to optimize the bass. Apparently the battery of the Jambox is mounted on a flexible skin and is vibrated to create bass. This not only saves space but also moves a lot of air since the battery is the largest component in the device. The volume is nice but is definitely not enough for usage outside or in a party. This lives best on a coffee table or hotel room.


When you power the device on, you get a nice thump to show of the low spectrum capabilities of the Jambox. It's impressive. The Jambox also has super fun voice guidance, and you can even download more from the Jambox website. I naturally went with a foxy British lady. Here is a short video (keep in mind that the mic on my camera is rather shit). Notice how the Jambox vibrates enough to move itself.  


Three buttons on top. First one is a multi-function button for checking the battery level and voice dialing. The -+ are self explanatory. 


You can find the power slider, a headphone jack and a USB port on the side. The USB port is used for charging and downloading goodies from the computer.




Wired connection. 


Once you start using the Jambox you notice how the small size and the fact that it's wireless plays in.

I usually leave this playing music on my desk from the iPad. When I want to go make dinner, I just bring the speaker.


And when I want to take a shower, I just carry it with me and the room is instantly filled with music. Like magic. There is a certain amount of thought and care that has gone into this product that I really appreciate. Sure, there are audiophiles that will complain about the shoddy sound. But if you stop to think about it, the brilliance overwieghs the negatives. You just wirelessly connect a device to it and you instantly have music wherever you take this tiny box. The best thing I've bought in ages, that's what I say.