Incase Compact Backpack + Incase Canvas Shoulder Bag


As some may have noticed, I'm quite the fan of Incase's products. I feel that they are one of the few electronics case/bag company that truly produces products with good design - without breaking the bank. The products are minimal, functional and often times use color in a very conscious and tasteful way.



My father and I both picked up bags from Incase, I'll show you mine first. It's called the Compact Backpack - part of their nylon collection. The lineup starts to get confusing so they made a nice chart.



As you can see, quite compact. The price tag is compact too, just $79.



With the National Geographic Explorer Backpack I've been using for the past few years. It's been great and super versatile but I wanted something sleeker and lighter. I used to carry a Nikon D90 but since I use the Panasonic GF1 now, the extra size isn't necessary.



Here's the back.



Incase logos on the zippers.



Simple and clean.



As soon as you open the bag up, everything is colored in "aqua" as Incase calls it.



One of the key reasons for choosing this bag is the designated iPad pocket.



The pocket for the laptop (15" MacBook Pro or smaller) has a super soft synthetic fur lining. Although this backpack will definitely keep your MacBook pro reasonably safe, I'd use a sleeve if you are traveling long distances. There just isn't a significant amount of padding to the walls.



Perfect fit for the MacBook Pro and iPad. You can also see additional small pockets in the photo.



There's another fur lined pocket at the top of the backpack.



Which is perfect for your phone and keeping it scratch free.



So how much do I stuff in this Backpack? Well, this is normally what I carry while traveling and it all fits fine.



My father picked up the Canvas Shoulder Bag, a part of the coated canvas collection. This one is slightly more expensive at $99. Still, nothing compared to most brands.



The coated canvas collection goes for a more refined look with minimal and clean lines.



Seatbelt like straps.



Here it is opened up. The bag keeps itself closed with velcro.



Like my bag, there is a place to put your phone - also lined with that soft fur.



There are two main pockets, one for the MacBook Pro (once again, 15" or smaller), and the other for everything else.



The shoulder bag has significantly more padding for the MacBook. You'll probably do fine without a sleeve - just don't throw your bag.



As you can see, the bag is made from canvas. The material is coated with a weather resistant material which adds durability.



Pretty satisfied. I'm leaving for Korea this wednesday so I'll definitely put it to the test.