Braun M-90, white iPhone 4 and 2011 Hyundai Elantra

I picked up the Braun M-90.


I used to own the Braun series 3 390cc but it was too hard/expensive to get a new blade/foil. I decided to just buy this. The price? $18USD. I'm serious.


It's the best looking shaver Braun is currently selling. Not worthy of being a successor to the 70s Braun shavers though.


It has this swivel protector. When the protector is closed, it also mechanically prevents the power button from sliding. The M-90 is actually designed for travel. I don't have that much facial hair so this is adequate. 


It's also got a small detailer.


Pretty compact. Despite the acceptable looks, the materials are definitely cheap feeling. Well, it's not that bad.


The bottom has a built in cleaning brush...


and twists open to reveal the battery chamber.


With my old shaver. I guess you could say that I downgraded but I really don't need anything that fancy.


1 foil vs 2. Made in China vs made in Germany. 


Things like the flimsy foil cap reveals why this shaver is only $18. 


A surprisingly high number of people have gotten the white iPhone 4 around me. I used to really want one. After playing with a bunch, I have come to the conclusion that the black looks better. 


The owner of the phone has a pretty nice Keith Haring case on. Not sure where it's sold but she said it was from Korea. The Leica case is mine.


I never noticed that the headphone jack and and dock connector were white too. The white iPad 2 has black parts - which is probably ideal for hiding dust/grime.



Talking about white, I went into the dealer to get a software update for my white Fiesta. The dual clutch transmission shifts using a computer for those wondering.


All the dealers in the area are really poorly presented. Mercedes cars deserve better than this.


I actually enjoy brining my car into the shop, gives me plenty of time to look at cars.


Drool. The Raptor is so good looking. I wonder what a Ford lineup would look like if that was the corporate grill.


The new Focus has hit the dealers too. 


I'm not sold on the front but the back looks very European - which is good.


The interior is similar to the Fiesta - over designed but well built.


I mean, look at the shifter. Looks like it belongs in a luxury sedan.


There was also an LG Focus parked at the dealer. At this time, I started getting bored and just told the dealer to lend me a loaner for the day so I can go home.


The new Hyundai design language must be... make everything as busy looking as possible.


And... I ended up getting the 2011 Hyundai Elantra as a loaner. 


I actually think it's the best looking Hyundai right now - it's the most restrained in the lineup. The Elantra I saw in Korea with the monochromatic headlights looks better though.


It's a C class car but is really really big. EPA actually classes it as a mid size sedan.


The rear doesn't look like it's resolved as well as it could have been.


The interior. One of the most gaudy I've seen. Don't get me wrong though, the quality is top notch and puts the Corolla to shame.


The car drives surprisingly well. Handling is class leading but it doesn't like to get thrown around as much as the Fiesta. It also does work a bit hard to get up to speed. The car "feels" faster than it is though, which is the opposite of the Fiesta. I drive at 45mph thinking I was driving at 35 in the Fiesta. In the Elantra, I would be driving at 25. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.


And I thought my Fiesta had too much lipstick on it.


Nevertheless, everything feels nice.


That's it for now. Sorry for the lack of posts. School. Is. So. Much. Work.