MM Select | Fall 2014

Avoid. Mediocre.

Good, but nothing exceptional.

Great. Worth purchasing.

Exceptional. A spectacular product.

The prices displayed are approximately what you should be paying.
Make sure you do a bit of digging on the internet to find the lowest price.

Some of these products have been sent by their respective manufacturers.


Côte&Ciel Lagoon Spa Pouch M

They’ve done it again. Côte&Ciel is easily one of my favorite brands right now and they seem to have an endless source of interesting ideas. This is their interpretation of a dopp kit and features a detachable, TSA friendly clear pouch and a strap to hang it by the shower. In keeping with their architectural design language, the unique form of the Lagoon Spa Pouch is achieved through stitches in strategic locations of the neoprene. It’s beautifully made and everything from the material choice to the plump shape makes it something you want to fondle. This is personally my favorite object on this post and will make you want to go traveling as an excuse to use it.


Côte&Ciel Wallet XS

The Wallet XS isn’t a bad product but is simply to big for something with an “XS” nomenclature. I’m sure Côte&Ciel intended this to be carried in a purse but there’s no functional benefit for a wallet to be 15% bigger than it should be. I’ve refused to admit its uncomfortable presence in my pocket and still use it everyday due to its gorgeous materials.


AMMO Regimens
$14-65 / bottle

As any proper car lover will tell you, treating car paint and leather should be done with the same care and attention as skin. Proper cleaning, nourishment and protection is essential and nobody makes better products than AMMO. DRIVE teamed up Larry Kosilla from AMMO and did a series of videos on automotive detailing called DRIVE CLEAN. I’ve learned a ton by watching the videos and built even more trust towards the AMMO's products. Yes, they’re a bit pricey but your car deserves the best.


Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3
$200-400 / tire (approx.)

Michelin came out with the Pilot Sport A/S 3 tires about a year ago and has redefined what a high performance all-season tire is capable of. During dry conditions, the tire is as responsive as the best high performance summer tires but also has remarkably good traction in wet conditions. This is thanks to a clever variable sipe design that expands and contracts to increase grip. Using sunflower oil, Michelin has also been able to lower the temperature in which the tires remain pliable, giving the tires class leading braking and cornering performance in winter conditions. This is the second time I’ve purchased the A/S 3s and I’m absolutely in love with them. I’ve even driven with them in heavy snowfall last year on a Mercedes SLK without any issues. I thought a product with no compromises was an impossibility but Michelin has somehow achieved it.


Nike Air Berwuda Mid

Nike is all about developing a portfolio of innovative technologies and then applying them to a large range of their products. The Air Berwuda is a particularly good example as it uses techniques developed from the Roche line and also uses Hyperfuse technology. These are the most attractive shoes I’ve seen in a long time from the company and also provide plenty of comfort for everyday use. It’s Nike at its best.


Nike Air Max Lunar 90 Water Resistant

The Nike Air Max is like the Porsche 911 of the shoe world. They have a long history, countless variants and a diehard fan base. The Air Max Lunar 90 maintains the classic Air Max shape but updates it with the latest Nike technology like Lunarlon and Hyperfuse. They even make terrific winter shoes as they’re made from water-resistant nylon panels that are fused together. A classic shape, comfortable wear and utilitarian materials makes this one a really good buy.


Aecraft Flow and Slim Wallet
$123 / $49

Aecraft is off to a good start but have some work to do before they can compete with the big dogs. The products are made from nice materials and are put together better than many of their competing startups. Despite some clever touches like the magnetic clasp on the MacBook sleeve, the designs feel dated and frankly mundane. Good, but nothing exceptional.


Stelton Water Filter Jug (Smoke)

Based on the iconic vacuum jug designed by Erik Magnussen, this water jug has the same iconic form and supports filter units from Brita, Mavea and Bosch. I’ve been looking for an attractive water jug that supports Mavea filters for a while now and this is as good as it gets. It has a nice, clean pour and the lid doesn’t fall off when pouring with water still in the upper cavity. 


Sony SA-NS500

The Sony SA-NS500 is a bluetooth/AirPlay speaker with a built-in battery for portability. It’s currently discontinued so good deals can be found though I’m not convinced that it’ll be worth the effort. In theory, the SA-NS500 is the perfect casual speaker. It offers plenty of wireless connectivity, has a decent battery life and is acoustically optimized to project sound in 360 degrees. Unfortunately, the AirPlay connection is very unstable and the sound is far to bass heavy. 


MUJI Recycled Paper Note (B5)

The ideal notebook shouldn’t be fussy, should open flat and also be affordable. The notebooks from MUJI achieve all of these things. Made from recycled paper, the sheets are smooth and have a nice, warm color to them. Loses a star for being unremarkable in every way but I suppose that’s what notebooks should be. This is what I use daily for sketching and note taking.


Apple iPhone 6

What’s there to say about the iPhone 6? Reviewing a new iPhone is like reviewing a new BMW 3 series. They’ve always been great and most likely always will be. It’s immensely thin, beautifully rounded and now features a larger, more usable screen. If you love using an iPhone, you’ll really love using the iPhone 6. It’s a beautiful phone made beautifully. 


Apple iPhone 6 Silicone Case

As always, Apple has released a series of cases for the iPhone 6. This time, they come in both leather and silicone. Having tried both in multiple colors (my coworkers and I have a pool of cases we swap from), I’ve concluded that the silicone case is the way to go. They don’t have issues with dye transfer and are finished nicely in a super matte texture. The design is surprisingly ugly and level of craftsmanship is lower than previous cases though. The finishing of flash on the silicone particularly roughly done.


11+ World Clock

Run by some of my coworkers, 11+ has been slowly rolling out some beautiful work. The World Clock is their latest creation and features a clever rolling design that allows you to read different time zones. This is how you do simple, cheap, and low volume well. Hardware startups, take note.