Coffee Time: Follow up - logos.

I usually have no efficient way of responding to every feedback that I get. My recent Coffee Time on logos sparked many emails and tweets. Instead of keeping them to myself, I decided to post some answers on the blog. Thanks for all the feedback, I read every single one.



" One item I thought was interesting is your comparison to cars.  Take a look at the back of many cars and you will often see four things: 1) The company logo; 2) the company name ("Ford"); 3) the model name ("Taurus"); 4) the seller name. " - Jonathan

I don't know why but the Mercedes illustration from the previous post was the most controversial. This is one of the calm emails. I totally agree. I was trying to make the argument that putting a dealer logo on the front of a car is atrocious. I am aware that cars have ridiculous branding in the rear (I drive after all). This CRZ has 4 like the Ford Taurus Jonathan mentioned. 





"A little while ago, the company that I work for gave me a new phone, a HTC Mozart on Orange network (UK).  I had to flash the phone with a HTC stock ROM to remove all the Orange branded apps and start screen! Also, on the article, on the photo of the Nokia, you missed the AT&T logo on the large orange colored live tile :o) " - David

David reminded me of something that didn't really cross my mind. Windows Phone has a surprisingly high amount of software branding on top of the many logos they already have. Makes you wonder if labeling the browser "Internet Explorer" has any benefit. It's not like it has a good image. Right? And David, the back of your phone is pretty insane too. That "Windows Phone" logo is way too prominent. I wonder if that text is necessary. Just having the Windows bubble would have been much more tasteful and just as recognizable. Interesting to note that the Lumia 900 doesn't have Microsoft branding on the back.


" Just wanted to say that your argument has no logic. Apple has the largest and most gaudy logos. The Samsung logo is tasteful in comparison. " - Martin

Can't tell if this one was sarcastic. Yes, Apple's logo is physically larger than Samsung's. However, keep in mind that Apple's logo is much more visually appealing than Samsung's (though beauty is in the eye of the beholder). And I think the size of Apple's logos are dictated by the aesthetic of the proportion of the logo verses the size of the device. I really can't see that logo being any more than 10% smaller/larger. It's just right.






Also, it's not to say that small logos are always better. I think Samsung's netbook designed by Naoto Fukasawa has the most appealing application of their logo. It's huge. It would have been better if their logo was actually pretty though.






In the last post, I made a guess that Apple must have removed the Apple logos on the cmd keys because of logo pollution. I was close. Thanks to everyone that sent me the link; apparently I was the only person unaware of this story.