Photos from my iPhone 4.

People say that the best camera is the one you have with you at all times. I'v never posted any photos from the iPhone on my blog so decided to post some. Most of these photos are straight from the camera, some have slight exposure adjustments.


The iPhone 4 is easily the best phone I've ever owned and possibly the greatest phone in the market right now. This photo was taken with the GF1.


And this is taken with the iPhone at the same location. Of course, the GF1 destroys the iPhone in terms of performance.


But as a camera for quickly capturing a few moments in life, the iPhone has no issues.


Because you're not worried about getting the perfect shot, you really don't "think" about the photo when you are taking it. I think there's something interesting about that.


The iPhone really shines in bright, open environments.  


And the addition of HDR is genius in Apple's part. I usually shoot exclusively in HDR mode and the photos that I get are pretty stellar. Without HDR, the buildings in the photos above would not have been legible. Just keep your hands really really steady.


These two photos I took in Tokyo some of my favorite out of the phone. HDR helps out greatly although it produces some freaky ghosts like in the second photo.


Ghost car in this photo.


But HDR photos can come out looking really muddy too. Like this one. It's all about where you set the focus and exposure.


Whites are also handled surprisingly well.


The iPhone is actually rather brilliant at white balancing. This was taken in a dim kitchen with warm lights. Looks like it was taken in a studio. This photo has zero post processing.


Photos like these just blow my mind. This is from a phone!


Because of the limited sensor size, noise does stop me from using the iPhone for any "serious" photos.


If the iPhone had a slightly larger sensor, it would seriously be a point-and-shoot killer. 


Same location, with my GF1 this time. I think it shows how capable the iPhone is more than anything.


And in some lighting conditions, you get this blue tint in the middle of your photo. This is a common trait of many camera phones. I'm not certain on the cause.


I guess the iPhone is almost like the modern toy camera. As many would have noticed, I'm a purist in terms of photos. No instagram or filters for me. 


I usually have my GF1 with me at all times so I usually end up taking a photo with an iPhone and then more with the GF1.


I also take photos of the blackboard after class. It's just the most efficient way to take "notes"


And I have many many photos of my dog.


Because he's awesome.


The iPhone is the camera I always have with me. So is it the best?


Well, not really. The problem is that I have the GF1 with me at all times. But there's something about how quickly and lazily you can take a photo with the iPhone. It makes you take photos that you normally wouldn't. It may not be the best camera but that doesn't stop it from capturing some of the most special moments in your life. I constantly find myself looking back at old photos on the iPhone. 


Here are a few more samples: