New York - 4 (MoMA)

Yet another post of the city that never sleeps. 


This post will be exclusively of MoMA.


MoMA = Museum of Modern Art. Established in 1929, this is arguably one of (if not) the most influential modern art museum in the World. 


As soon as you enter the museum, you are immediately bathed in pretty (and thoughtful) graphic design.


General admission is $20, student pricing is $12. A bargain. 


Floor guide. You don't really need these, just start at top and make your way down (be sure to dedicate half a day for a detailed experience).


Inside the elevator. This is the most beautifully minimal elevator I've ever seen. Notice that there is a cafe and restaurant. I'd stay out of those as they are extremely overpriced for pretty standard food. I think I paid something like $7 for a tiny serving of orange juice.


The special exhibition was on German expressionism. I'll be honest, it wasn't exactly my cup of tea.


The museum is pretty damn big. Get ready to walk.


The museum is very "modern". Me likey.  


I'm not sure if I went on a busy day but there was a ridiculous amount of people. There were children running around everywhere, touching masterpieces like Van Gogh paintings. Security was not amused and I got pretty annoyed too by irresponsible parents. 


Moving on.


It seemed like photos were allowed everywhere except the special exhibition area. I took many and will share some to give a feel for the museum.


No comment required here.




I really love these extremely minimal pieces. Minimally minimal. 


There is a Bell 47 hanging in the museum. 


I was looking forward to the pop art gallery but most of the gallery was closed to set up a new exhibition... :( 


This huge (and intriguing) piece was in the "lobby" area. I wish I could remember who it was by. 


The graphic/industrial design gallery was of course my favorite. I ♥ NY by Milton Glaser.


The Macintosh.  


It's like being in a candy shop. Freitag bags are in the gallery too. 


There were a lot of Konstantin Grcic pieces in the gallery. Some of the chairs were a bit dirty. I think people couldn't resist touching them.



There is a lot of interesting works in the gallery but I left with the feeling that the ID floor could've been larger.


The flight information display system.  


There are also a bunch of fonts on display. The usage case for Verdana is pretty humorous.  


Possibly my favorite wall. 


Lots of yummy things in here.


This looks so sexy. 


Some of Dieter Rams' works are also on display although I was disappointed to find so few. Good thing I saw almost everything he has worked on.


This calendar caught my eye. 


As did the TV on the left. The designer is, "unknown Japanese designer". Poor guy probably doesn't realize his work is in a museum. 




And a nice chunk of real estate dedicated to plywood.  



More exhibitions that were on display. Won't post everything in detail. 


This was presumably another special exhibition.  


Of course, Braun piece are on display.


As well as a Dyson vacuum. I was expecting one with the Dyson Ball to be on display. 


Junghans' clock with timer designed by Max Bill. A timeless masterpiece. 


Tupperware! People seemed to gravitate most to these. 


Kill em.  


The contemporary gallery. 


This artist takes apart electronics.


The craziest pieces (and therefore interesting) can be found here. 


Well, that's it! Be sure to give this museum a visit if you're in the city! With the price of a movie ticket, you'll have hours of inspiring work to look at.