New York - 3

Another NYC post.


A city of history...

and the future.


The Empire State Building, which is obviously the tallest building in New York at 102 stories. 


It's surprisingly hard to get an attractive angle of this building. Hmm.


Casio Tryx. Very cool design but very poor image quality.


Nissan Leaf ads seem to have also invaded this city. A place like New York is probably ideal for such a car.


These building caught my eye. Real life Blade Runner.


NY seems to be pretty photogenic. Point a camera anywhere and you're bound to get a decent shot.  


Boom. Decent shot.


Tiles for America - to remember and honor those lost on 9/11. 


View from my hotel room. Nice view of the garbage wall.


The cheapest bottled water in NY. I like the Statue of Liberty barcode.


Just like LA, food trucks seem to be all over New York.


Food stands are everywhere too.


Surprisingly, newsstands aren't as common as I would have expected. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, who buys printed media anyways?


Finally seeing some Portal 2 ads in the real world. I am so tempted to play this game but I usually get bored with games within 20 minutes so never invest in any.


First time seeing these FedEx carts. Are they for transporting mail/parcels? Reminds me of Yakult carts you see everywhere in Seoul.


Many (or all) of the fire hydrants in New York are painted a very handsome black/silver color scheme. I approve.


Although filthy and unorganized, there is something about New York that...










More photos from SoHo.


There is a clash between upscale shops and street vendors. 


I was delighted to see a Muji store. Muji is the Japanese brand that makes minimal household products. I've been to them in both Tokyo and Seoul.


I love Muji but somehow I never really end up buying anything. 


That is by far the most compact Best Buy I've ever seen. Love it. 


Was also surprised to find a Uniqlo. I'm quite fond of Uniqlo, best value for money you'll ever find.


The interior is furnished with these neon painted TV displays.


They're everywhere. They have some nice minimalist clothing, though many of their tees are quite childish. 


Machine washable suits. 


This Uniqlo also features +J, the high(er) end branch of Uniqlo. Notice how the + and J form a U. Clever.


The wall of the store is made of glass so to contrast the store with the aged walls of the surrounding buildings. I got yelled at by that lady for taking this photo. 


Korea town.


Or maybe it's called korea Way.


The Los Angeles K-Town is one of the most filthy and unpleasant places I've been to in my life. New York's did seem to be better. 

Next post will be the most fascinating. Hint: MoMA