New York - 2

New York.


Is big.


Is power.


Is the heart of America.

I found this subway station with the last generation iPad ad. Strange.


SoHo. SoHo (South of Houston) used to be an industrial wasteland but was transformed into the center of modern artists in the mid-20th century. More recently, if I'm not mistaken, the whole district has become more of a shopping hub.


You can really see the age of SoHo - like the rest of Manhattan. 


Look at how close New York taxi drivers drive! Crazy. Also note the ambulance that is stuck in traffic without much it can do.


I found a Maserati dealer in the area. 


One of the few super cars that really does a tasteful job of styling. 


I also came across this disaster. So sad. 


I'm quite fond of the Nespresso system so was glad to find one of their cafes. I'll focus on things I've eaten in this post.


The latest Nespresso machine. It's super compact and very awesome. Yummy. I think I like Nespresso because they are so product focused.


Inside. Nespresso is a brand that really succeeded by emphasizing that they are the premium player in the coffee market. All the waiters act as if I just got off of a Rolls Royce.


Interior is chic. 


You're started off with water.


And the incredibly over priced menu. 


You can chose from any of their capsules, which is awesome. No matter what you chose, the waiter will respond, "Excellent choice sir."


While you wait, you can look at the different machines are available. All of them are designed exceptionally well.  


This is way over priced but is damn good. That sugar... could have been presented better.


Guess how much this iced vanilla cafe is. $7 American dollars. If you own a Nespresso machine, it's probably less than a $1 to make.


I also went for lunch to a Italian restaurant in SoHo called "Il Corallo" as it was recommended by many. But...


I've had better. It's OK. But nothing stellar. And the Waiters were pretty rude.


And the pasta was over cooked. I like my noodles al dente damn it!


I was looking for a place to eat breakfast the next day and randomly stumbled upon this place. It's off of 5th avenue - pretty close to the Apple Store.


The interior design reminds me of Cafes I used to go to in Garsugil.




The menu is kind of uninspiring but the atmosphere makes up for it.


Orange juice is seemingly fresh and top notch. 


I had smoked salmon scrambled eggs. It was decent but considering the price and how easy it is to make this at home, wouldn't be something I'd go out to eat. 


They have really really good coffee though. I can't remember what I had but was but it was clover pressed and super smooth and tasty. It was second on the menu of the pressed coffees. 



I'd come here just for the eye candy and the coffee.


Restrooms were pretty neatly done too. 90% of coffee shops seem to be Starbucks, let's support the little guys.


Back outside.




I also had to drop by Central Park because well, it's Central Park. This place is super crowded.


The area around Central Park seemed to be the cleanest of all the areas of Manhattan I visited. 


The best thing I've eaten in New York? Luke's Lobster. I believe that there are 3 locations. This one is the closest to Central Park.


The menu is focused - a good sign.


I had the lobster roll. No, they're not both mine.


This is $15, which isn't bad considering the amount of lobster you get. It is also absolutely yummy. Simple is better. Minimally minimal.


I then realized that the roll wasn't enough for lunch and ordered a lobster bisque. It's also filled with chunks of lobster, although a bit heavy for my tastes. My suggestion, go for one of their "Maine Course" meals, and you'll have a wonderful day.