New York - 1



I just got back from a 5 day trip to the Big Apple, and I'll share some photos and observations, just as I did with Seoul and Tokyo. 


Photos I took on the plane. Some mountains of California. Check out that trail, for mining I suppose?

I believe this was over Colorado (maybe Utah?), at the tail of the Grand Canyon.  


Another photo over Colorado. Loving the blue hue from the atmosphere. The weather turned into a nightmare for most of the flight so I only managed to get photos from the West side. 

Close to arrival. There were storms all over the Eastern states that night and most of the flights after mine had to get canceled.   


Sunset over New York. 


Arrived at JFK. I don't know if I've been to all the wrong airports but American airports seem to be universally bad. I guess it's because they have a longer history than many other airports (Incheon, Haneda, Vancouver, etc). JFK was really showing its age but these iPad entertainment stations were pretty cool - although at an awkward angle.  


Of course, the first thing you see right out of the airport are the yellow cabs. Possibly one of the most easily recognizable icons of the past century. I instantly fell in love with the graphics on the the side. So tastefully done.


This is possibly one of the most accurate photos in describing what New York felt like to me. Worn, messy with the refusal to sleep. 


I was actually surprised at dirty the streets of the city was. I guess a Vancouver born that just got back from Seoul/Tokyo would have unnaturally high standards of street cleanliness though.


I was glad to be back in a hustling city though.


What's really amazing about NY is the incredible amount of things packed into such a small footprint. From Broadway to MoMA to Soho to K-Town, all within easy reach, and many times, walking distance. 


The major reason for my visit was for the vast range of galleries, and other cultural resources in the city has to offer. I'll post more photos in the coming post. 


Spotted a new Charger. It is doubtful that I would personally buy a Dodge but they have done an incredibly good job of brining out new products super fast. 


However I have learned that this isn't the city for sighting awesome cars. Nearly all the cars on the streets are taxis, which is quite astonishing. The yellow also works very well with the color of asphalt, giving New York a unique color palette. 


One of the things that can be felt while walking down the streets is the success and power of capitalism.  


I have never before seen so many ads. Las Vegas is nothing. Being a Twitter fan, I was especially delighted to see a Square ad. 


Times Square. Consume. Now. 


Notice how the how the color of the entire environment changes with the larger billboards. Bigger is better here.


You can really see how all these companies are fighting for ad space to stay relevant. 


This place is beautiful.  


A mini Swarovski crystal forest by Tokujin Yoshioka I saw in Ginza. 


There is a US Army requirement office right in the middle of Times Square with a giant neon American flag. Creepy? Kinda. Effective? Probably?


It's easy to spot these "walls" of trash while walking down the streets of Manhattan. Look at all that paper. 


I had to try out NY's subway. Let me just say that it isn't pleasant. 


Is this a prison or a subway station?


I love the typography used here though. They provide comfort in the otherwise terrifying experience. 


Helvetica everywhere. Love it. 


The train stations are pretty much as bad as it can be. The trains themselves aren't as bad, although still surprisingly unkept. 


Helvetica and pretty icons. 


The highlight of my ride was the stop information panel in the train. It's really quite well designed and beats Seoul's system in terms of elegance. 


I'm not coming back down here.


Being an Apple enthusiast (fanboy is a harsh word), I had to visit the iconic Apple Store on 5th Avenue. 


Entering the Mothership.


It was the launch day of the white iPhone and there was a small line forming for it. 


For those that don't know, this store is famous for the glass spiral staircase and elevator that brings you into the store underneath. It's absolutely charming and is like entering Willy Wonka's factory or something. The Shibuya Apple store has a mini glass staircase. 


It's just like any other Apple Store, just really really big. Also, this one is open 24/7, 365 days. Incredible. 


The white iPhone 4. I just want to know why it took so long.


I'm still a bit bitter that it took so long to come out. I was planning on getting the white version but gave up after waiting a few weeks. 


You can see that Apple changed the design of the opening for the proximity/light sensor on the front. 


It's white. What more can I say.


More to come soon.