Vancouver + Nespresso Magimix M190

Although I have been posting pictures of New York, I've been back to Vancouver for a while now.


As my sidebar says, I was born in Seoul and raised in Vancouver. So this is pretty much my "home town". 


Since I've lived here for the majority of my life, I do have a soft spot for this city.  I am a city boy and love dense, crowded places like Tokyo and so was inevitably unsatisfied with Vancouver during my childhood. Nevertheless, there is still something charming about this place.


The fact that I've spent the past year or so in the US seems to have let me see Vancouver with a different point of view.



You can probably get a feel for my neighborhood.


You are basically surrounded by forest here, which inevitably makes you constantly take photos of nature. 


Got some interesting shots though. Man, the GF1 is amazing.


I guess it's a breath of fresh air after all the product photos.


My dad was looking into a new car and I recommended the Kia K5 (Optima in America). 


It's really nice. If you've been following my blog for a while, you may remember how I fell in love with it in Seoul


Talking about cars, some of you guys may also know that I drive a Fiesta. I found it to be a great car so my mother decided to get one too.


She got one in red. The SE trim like mine (but without the Microsoft Sync package).


I think it would have looked better with a brighter racing red. The colors that Ford has chosen for the car are universally a bit dark and muted.


Not bad though.


Eh, I prefer my white Fiesta.

Downtown Vancouver. 


So clean (in comparison to New York).


Downtown Vancouver is a bit of a boring place though. 


But if you look carefully there's always interesting things to be found.


Like this thing. It looks awesome.


My parents have just bought a Nespresso machine. This is the Magimix M190. It's priced at £199.00 but can be found for much less.


And it's pretty damn gorgeous. This is the "60's white" color scheme. 


This is so sexy.  


To make coffee, you first need to provide water. There is a removable water tank to the rear of the machine. 


Nespresso features these proprietary coffee capsules. There's a bunch you can chose from and they're all color coded and super attractive. This is candy for adults. 


The capsules first need to be pressurized to create coffee. This is done by pushing this handsome level down.


Of course, a capsule needs to be dropped in before compression. There are buttons on either sides of the machine (glowing in green) that lets you select from espresso and lungo.  


The result is a perfect shot of espresso without messy coffee grinds everywhere.



When you insert the next capsule, the used ones are automatically dropped into this chamber. It can be removed for easy disposal.  


This model also features a milk frother. There are two frothers to chose from, and can be seen in the first photo of the coffee machine here. The one without the spring is for lattes and the one with is for cappuccino. 


Frothing in action. The bits are spun using a magnets. Very cool. Of course, the milk is automatically heated to perfection in this process.


Once the milk is done you can enjoy.