Mitsubishi Uni Kuru Toga and Piolo

I recently saw this, and freaked out in amazment. Ordered one off of Amazon immediately ($7ish USD). Watch:

Here it is. I actually saw this during my visit to Tokyo but due to the rather unimpressive looks, just walked on. It is however very impressive functionally. 


You can almost see the minuscule gear teeth (white and orange) that rotate the lead in this photo. They also printed a logo on the gear to show that the lead is in fact rotating. Awesome.


The pencil also ships with these "Nano Dia Leads" that have "nano diamonds" that resist breaking to keep your pencil sharp. If you really hate a dull pencil, the Kuru Toga is for you.


Leads are inserted here. The hole is really small, to minimize spilling I suppose.  


Compared with my other Uni product, the Shift - which I purchased in Tokyo, purely because of aesthetics.  


Here is a comparison between the Kuru Toga and the Shift. The top is the Kuru Toga, notice how the lines don't progressively become thicker.  Is this a big deal? Maybe not. Is the Kuru Toga still amazingly awesome? Yes.


Some writing test. Once again, the top is the Kuru Toga, the bottom the Shift. Some people may think of the Kuru Toga as overkill - you can just turn the pencil with your once in a while to prevent uneven wear on the lead. However, the Kuru Toga is such an awesome piece of miniaturized engineering that it tingles excitement in me and that's enough to get me to make a purchase. 


I was also sent two "Piolo" iPhone stands from the folks at Piolo to review. Comes packaged in a small envelope. 


These are super simple stands for the iPhone 4. Available in CMYK, and white. Clever. These stands run for £4 ($6USD) each. Slightly on the pricey side but you do get a big thank you from them.


The product itself is pretty self explanitory. If you use the iPhone 4 for video or facetime, these can become quite handy. 


They are made of TPE, which is a soft rubber/plastic material - ideal for something that comes in contact with the phone. The actual "jaw" that holds the phone is surprisingly snug, in a good way.


Also works vertically - seems ideal when cooking with Epicurious open.


Well, there we have it. Not a whole lot to say, as these are so simple in design. I keep mine with my keys so that I can whip them out whenever I need them. 


I'm off to New York in two days, and also have a Sony NEX5 review on the way. Hope you'll enjoy for frequent posts!