Uncommon iPhone 4 Deflector case & Alessi Kaj

I won a random draw and was sent a free case from the guys at Uncommon. Woot! The one that they sent me is called the Deflector.


Uncommon is a case company that lets you upload your own photo and get it printed on the case's back. You can get anything printed so I decided to get a Leica logo printed on my case.


The printing job is well... not spectacular. They claim that the ink is actually embedded into the plastic itself, so it won't fade over time.

The case is priced at $35. Pretty high. You do have to take into consideration that Uncommon has to print every case with a different design though.

The quality of the case is on par with most other snap cases.  


With my Incase slider. The Incase seems to be of much higher quality.


And with my trusty SceneStealer. Notice that the leather on my SceneStealer is aging very nicely.

The Uncommon case has the completely non-functional flash ring that Incase's cases also have. The Leica logo is actually not perfectly centered. It's my fault for not setting it up right though.


I like it though! If you want a personalized case, this seems like a nice choice.


When I was in Harajuku, Tokyo (atleast I think it was Harajuku), I picked up a watch at the MoMA store there.

It's the Alessi Kaj, my first Alessi product.


It's designed by Karim Rashid, probably easy to tell. My jacket ended up transferring some ink into the watchband but it has started to fade away. I've got to remember to only wear this watch with a t-shirt on.


The tolerances and attention to detail is pretty high on this watch, though the materials could be better. The face of the watch is plastic, not glass.


It has some crazy proportions; compared with my other watch here.


I really like it though, perfect for t-shirt weather!


Currently rocking these. The Kaj goes exceptionally well with the MMMG wallet.