A quick 2 week long project. 

model: acrylate polymer (acrylic plastic), birch plywood, birch

Called polyply because of the materials used.

Made a few iterations along the way. All parts were cut on a laser cutter.

Designed to be harmonious with Apple products.


Holds an iPad, iPod Classic, iPhone 4 and a stylus.

Slim profile.

polyply features a dead simple stand design.


minimally minimal.


The hole is cut to follow the iPad's curve and therefore reducing the thickness of the stand.


Unity of plastic, plywood, metal and glass.


The iPad can also be charged during use.


The iPod and iPhone protrude out of the stand making charging easy. 


Perfect match with the Apple keyboard.


Having the iPhone and iPad together allows for multitasking.


The stand can also be flipped for a lower viewing angle.


The angle of the stand has been perfected for the optimal viewing angle and balance.