Mission and more.

I have 2 more weeks in San Francisco.


It's been great. The internship has gone well and I've met so many amazing people, particularily through Twitter. It isn't all about people posting photos of their latte. 


I recently took some photos in the Mission District.


SF is gritty but Mission (street) is just plain dicey. It's easily the dirtiest place I've been to. You need to take a shower after hanging out here. East Hastings of Vancouver is well kept in comparison.


It was a nice area to take photos though. I think it's also the first time I went shooting at night with the X100. The large sensor does an amazing job at capturing in low light. Here are some photos from the night:




The X100 seems to prove that when it comes to sensors, size does matter.


This was shot in ISO 3200. Noise can't really been seen. Pretty incredible.


The one drawback with the X100 is with closeup shots. This is probably the closest it likes to shoot. Things just become a bit soft beyond this. Good enough for blog photos though.


It's been getting surprisingly bitter and cold in SF. Maybe I've been spoiled by Los Angeles for the past year. 


Portrero Hill. It's a hilly neighbourhood east of the Mission District. Loads of strange looking homes.


The hills are really intense. My Cube did not enjoy climbing these. 


Some nice view from the hills. 


50's chevrolet pickup. I often say that many modern cars look like they're filled with "air". Well, not all vintage cars prove my point.


I commute everywhere by bus. The transbay buses system here is pretty miserable. No wonder people still insist driving everywhere.


Saw this door bell on the way to grab coffee. Looks very iPhone 4.


A friend's HTC G2. I had almost bought this last winter. I went with the Nexus S though; which I didn't like and had to return.


Talking about HTC, someone I met had the HTC Evo in white. The red coloring of internals is interesting.


And it has a kickstand. Too bad the paint chips off the bezzel. Should've been made as a separate part.


Still enjoying my 4S. I'm using a white bumper on it. There were people telling me that the rubber turns really filthy and I shouldn't get it. It's still good after a few weeks of use for me.