AIAIAI Swirl by KiBiSi

Swirl by AIAIAI, designed by KiBiSi. Both are Danish.


The products from AIAIAI aren't that ubiquitous but they're totally unique. If you see someone wearing these, there's no mistaking that they're some other brand.


I had bought a pair of Y-Com earphones in Tokyo last year. They're nearly similar to the Swirl, sans the swirl and a few control buttons. They're the best earphones I've ever used. These are literally the only earphones I'll use. Sadly, I lost them while biking in San Francisco. 


So my dad bought me another pair for my birthday. AIAIAI now doesn't sell the Y series and replaced it with an upgraded Swirl series. I bravely went with yellow.


The box. About the same size as the iPhone's.


The quality of printing on the box isn't that great. The fact that AIAIAI is a small company shows up in the details.


The packaging my previous earphones came in is far more impressive. Totally unfriendly to the environment though.


Specs. I don't understand these numbers.


The really awesome thing about these earphones is the durability. Everything about them are big and chunky in a faithful way. Notice how delicate the Apple earphones look. I hate most earphones because the wires are just too fussy. The Swirl are thick and never tangle. 


This coiled section is great when you catch your earphones on something; no more ripping the earphones out of your ear.


The Swirl sound pretty good. There is a tendency to exaggerate the bass and muffle the mids. These aren't designed for audiophiles by any means but they're really decent. I don't use earphones for seriously listening so I have no complaints. 


AIAIAI also include a bunch of silicone tips. I prefer the color matching foam tips. All the tips do a good job of keeping external noise out.


Every design decision KiBiSi has made on the Swirl is lovable. The angled stereo plug is great when sitting down with the phone in the pocket.


The Y-shaped connector prevents tangles. The coil creates them.


My favorite addition to the Swirl is the 3 button remote/mic. It perfectly matches Apple's design. I've had a few phone calls with these and the mic also seems to work perfectly fine. It's also awesome for Siri when biking. The part lines and tolerances on the Swirl do suffer a bit. Everything seems to be durable but AIAIAI's lack of scale becomes once again apparent. 



All in all, I love the Swirl. As I've said, these are the only earphones I use. The thick cables, a remote/mic, good sound quality and Danish design all add up to something brilliant. I just wish AIAIAI could pay better attention to their manufacturing quality.