Coffee Time: Power of singular vision.

So. The first Coffee Time got a bit more attention than I had expected. I will just say this; I am a supporter of holistic and cohesive experiences. That is why I designed the HTC 1 back in 2010 to get into school. I've always thought that Android had potential but no sense of order and direction. I'll just share some quick thoughts on this topic.


The power of a singular vision is something that cannot be ignored. Focus is power. The Nokia N9 is such an example. The hardware and software are in perfect harmony and were designed together. Although Meego has a bleak future, you cannot ignore the beauty and polish of the N9. I love the way the screen curves to make the experience of swiping more elegant. Perfection.


Then we add Windows Phone 7. In terms of just the OS, it's beautiful. The the problem here is that the Lumia 800 doesn't have the same cohesive feel as the N9. Everything from the buttons to the now superfluous curved edges just doesn't feel right. Many of the reviews now are now saying how the N9 feels superior. And it shouldn't - it runs Meego. Holistic design matters.


The iPhone 4S ad is something that shows the elegance of Apple and their clear vision of their product. 


Now look at the ad for the Droid Bionic. Do you think this is something that Google would do if they had full control over their products?


The answer is probably no. I was really surprised when I saw this ad for the Galaxy Nexus. It's simple and smart. Both are hard to find in any other Android ads. This reveals so many things about Google.


The Galaxy Nexus hints at an alternate reality where Google has full control of their mobile phones. A world where their devices are free of empty marketing and gaudy devices. I strongly feel that Google has something extremely powerful that they can tap into. Imagine something like the N9 where software and hardware just melt together with the brute force of Google. The Galaxy Nexus is close. Too bad Ice Cream Sandwich still lives inside an unexciting box.