SF. I have gathered a healthy amount of photos from this city over the past few weeks and wanted to share some of them.


I've also had my Cube for a few weeks now. Still liking it. Here are some quick thoughts for those interested:

- The CVT is not a driver's choice of transmission. It's plenty for normal humans like me.

- The driving dynamics is certainly not sporty but still surprisingly nimble. Wind noise and resistance is clearly noticed on the freeway - after all, it is a box.

- The car doesn't want to go fast. I was normally the driver that passed people. In the Cube, I'm the relaxed driver getting passed.

- I've never had people look at or ask questions about my car. With the Cube, it's common place. I'm surprised.


Once again, the car shines in the interior. Comfy, huge and welcoming. It's definitely cute in a very Japanese way. If that's not your thing, this car will turn you off.


I'm sure most people that come to the blog have been reading/read the Walter Isaacson biography on Steve Jobs. I've shamefully not completed it yet - too busy with projects...


I've been exploring SF in the most touristy fashion. 


The San Francisco cable car is the world's last permanently operational manually operated cable car. There are things like the cable car in San Francisco that have truly deep cultural and historical influence that's certainly interesting. 


These trams are also quite fitting into the city. I find it fascinating that these are still operational in a city that has become packed with cars.


Everything seems to have connections to the old. Being a lover of cold modernism, my heart is still in a city like Tokyo. But something has to be said about the warmth this city holds.


I'm reminded of Vancouver quite often here. 


Parks and water are never out of reach. Everything is certainly more dense and gritty here but still very familiar as a Vancouverite. 


What's great about SF is the density. There's always something interesting to see or take photos of.


But I'll be totally honest. I was disappointed when I arrived at San Francisco. I expected something more clean and polished. As someone that's still getting used to the American grittiness and "harshness", it began to feel like the other US cities I've lived at. It's hard to explain but I'm sure most foreigners will feel something similar. Maybe we're just all wimps.


With my negatism aside, this really is one of the finer cities I've had the chance of visiting. It's full of life. 


I've gotten an appreciation for the architecture here. Normally not my cup of tea but when an entire city has a similar aesthetic, the result is profound.




And it's pretty dense here. I love density. 


Some of these buildings look almost like a movie set in appearance. 


Apple Store SF. I had to come here a few times to buy my phone and get my laptop repaired. This is definitely not the Apple Store to come to. Way too many people and way to noisy.


The employee to customer ratio is almost 1:1. Still hard to get attention. 




Being a flagship Apple Store, there were plenty of people meeting at the Apple Store to mourn for Steve Jobs. The amount of love being shown was exceptional.


A very minimalist SF Fire Department building. I like this.


Every time I see that iPad 2 ad, it reminds me that the first sign of Apple going bad is if their ads become more complex than this. The ad is insanely great. The single photo says everything it needs to. 


Union Square. One of the most dense concentration of department stores and upscale boutiques in the US.


FIDM, is a college focusing on fashion and seems to be located near Union Square. I saw a few students carrying the same bag; issued by the school I'm guessing.



When you see a pack of students carrying the same bag, it's great advertisement. 


San Francisco is famous for its hills. 



Photos do not do justice of how steep these hills really are. Impossible to pedal up these with my folding bike.


China Town. It's the biggest I've personally seen. I'm pretty sure this is not road legal.


San Francisco has a high density of classic cars. 


Thought it was the 2002, a quick Wikipedia search seems to indicate that this is a 1600. Nevertheless, good looking.


Land Rover Defender. Reminds me of the red one in Vancouver.


There's also plenty of cars that show love from their owners. Like this diligently detailed 911.


As far as classic cars go, there are lots of Mustangs here than anything else. This was the cleanest I've ever seen. I have a soft spot for Ford muscle. 


Everything is meticulously restored/maintained. I don't know enough to say if things are original or not.


A good photo to end on.