Thanks Steve.

I heard the news. I was shivering. I couldn't believe it. I've never been so impacted by the death of someone I've never met. Steve was my hero.


Apple has been a part of my whole life. I grew up with Mac. In my rebellious highschool years, I had a few years of hating Apple. I quickly started loving Apple again as my design career started. I've never been so touched by physical products in my life. Apple's products were filled with passion and love. Every detail was impossibly perfect. 

Some call Apple a cult. Some call Steve evil. Some call me a fanboy. But I think there's a reason that Apple receives so much love. It's because Steve changed the way we do things for the better. Small ideas like the magsafe charger all the way up to revolutions like the iPod.


Apple has always been easily the biggest inspiration to me and my work. But I feel like that's not special to me. It's insane how much of an impact this company, and more importantly, Jobs, has on people. We're lucky.


The loss of Steve is not just to Apple. It's not even just to the tech industry. It's to the world. Despite what your preference of phone or computer may be, it's undisputable that Jobs has had a profound affect on the industry. Without him, mp3 players, Android, and even the post computing boom may have never happened.


I always say that if I had a time machine, I would go back and experience the Beatles. Of course, that's not going to happen. That's why I'm so happy that I got to experience the legacy of Steve Jobs. He is an icon and someone we'll look up to for generations to come. We should not mourn but celebrate his amazing life. Then we should go make amazing stuff, it's what Steve would have wanted. 


A true hero. Thanks again for being amazing.


I promise I won't make sugar water.