First impressions - 2011 Ford Fiesta.

Because ACCD is lacking in dorms and student residences near the school, I've been forced to look for a car to commute. This proved to be extremely difficult; most compact and economy cars are really bland in both design and driving dynamics. After much research, I ended up choosing from these cars:

Mazda 2: Like the design / driving dynamics but too stripped down with poor fuel economy.

Honda Fit: Good reliability but super dull.

Nissan Cube: Unique but almost ugly.

Kia Soul: Brilliant design but reliability and fuel economy are questionable.

Kia Forte Koup: Same as the Soul.

Ford Fiesta: Good design, good fuel economy, good features, good safety rating. All good?


At the dealer to pick it up. So excited.


Here it is. Starting at $13,320 for the sedan. This is the SE hatchback model with rapid spec 203A. Like the Kia Soul I rented, this car had received a Red Dot Design Award. I've always wanted a white car, and thankfully, the dealer had one in inventory. 


Similar, no?


Very compact, very European. This is a new model in the US for 2011 but in Europe/Asia this has been a best seller for many years.


Ford. After many years of producing junk, the American legend is back in action.


LED parking lamps -  something that's pretty rare for a car in this class.


15" aluminum wheels and a power moonroof, also rare for a car in this class.


The Fiesta gets 29 city / 38 hwy. I've been driving mostly in the city today and got 30MPG average. Pretty impressive.


I love you.


Ford has been including these blind spot mirrors in their new models. Very useful. 


The European Ford models (including the Fiesta) have a design language called "Kinetic Design."


Rear spoiler comes standard with rapid spec 203A. Hot.






The Kinetic design is also presented in the interior. I prefer a more minimal approach but this is absolutely outstanding when you start comparing it with cars like the Yaris or Accent.


Very similar to a mobile phone in design.


Extremely attractive. The quality of materials are very high - soft touch materials and nice texturing everywhere.


I've been playing with Ford Sync and it's slightly confusing but still very usable. I've connected my iPod and it instantly recognized all my music. 


Mood lighting.


The 1.6L Duratec I4 engine creates a modest 120hp. Plenty for a car that's this compact though.


Cheap, pretty and fuel efficient. Perfect.