LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive & twelve south BookArc

Hello readers, it's been a while. I'm sorry for the slow updates recently, I just have way to much work these days. Nevertheless, here's another typical "minimallyminimal" post for you guys.

I'm a big fan of LaCie. They are the French storage device company that I based my design, the Monami off of. The CEO of LaCie somehow ended up seeing the design and sent me the Starck Mobile Hard Drive as a gift to me last year. Ever since then, I'm even more loyal to the brand.

I needed a more heavy duty desktop hard drive so decided to buy the desk top version of the Philippe Starck designed HDD.

LaCie shows how you can make anything beautiful, even if it's something as simple as a hard drive.


Here it is. It's got a pretty menacing aluminum casing.


There's a small "+" light indicator - a Starck signature.


The back. This is a 3.5" drive so it's designed to be used on the desk (hence it's name), unlike my original portable one.


Rubber feet.


LaCie products go surprisingly well with Apple ones. They are completely different in character though.

You can see the size difference here. Something to note is that the finish of the aluminum of the desktop version of the HDD is far more coarse. I'm guessing that they felt that a desktop product didn't need as refined of a finish. 

You can really tell how primitive the finish on the aluminum is. 

I also picked up the twelve south BookArc. I find that the MacBook Pro gets too hot while I'm working so I like to cool it down a bit. I've been using my Logitech N100 but I need it for my PC laptop now (I do 3D rendering on it).


The BookArc is the perfect match for my LED Cinema Display. It comes with extra sleeves to fit every Mac but I found that they are all slightly loose fitting. Guessing that they did this for protective case users.

A perfect addition to the Mac family. 

Although twelve south shows the MacBook Pro with its vent facing down in all their pictures, I like to do this to allow the hot air to rise. Believe it or now, the BookArc seems to do a better job at cooling than the Logitech N100 with its built in fan.

I like to hide the whole setup behind the monitor to save space. This is one of those simple products that you'll find to be surprisingly useful. Highly recommend this to any Cinema Display owners!