Welcome to the new site.

Hello readers, thanks for making the switch to the new website. I wanted to have more freedom and started to become tired of the cumbersome customization options of blogger. We are on Squarespace now.


You will now enjoy:

- improved design (the site is still in "beta", things like the banner/colors may change)

- better commenting

- larger photos on certain posts

- better scaling on larger/smaller screens



- RSS feeds. People are saying that it isn't working, I've tried to fix it. Is it fixed? Let me know. I've added an RSS widget to the left hand side, let me know if that helps.

- Typewriter font. You guys didn't like it. It's gone.

- Archive navigation. Blogger has a more logical solution, let me fix this too.


Thanks guys, and expect more photos, designs and awesome to come of this space.