Little Tokyo


Went out to Little Tokyo, Los Angeles to work on a school project with some friends.



I've noticed that LA's first language is pretty much Spanish, so it's quite peculiar to see Japanese here.



You can totally tell that this isn't Tokyo. Something very American about this place.



Still, Little Tokyo tries very hard to appear Japanese.



The weather is now very "SoCal" here now. It's amazing how quickly winter ended.



Went to Pinkberry, which is founded in LA.



Pinkberry is eerily similar to the Korean frozen yogurt giant Red Mango. Starting to think it's a copycat - even the naming is done similarly.



Why does everyone around me use a BlackBerry? It's funny though, everyone that uses one is clearly wanting to switch.



Almost a Seoul-like mood here.



Starting to see less and less of America.



Can't miss a shoe shot.



I really want to hate Mini Coopers but I'm starting to slightly warm up to them. A lot of people that ride them are certainly annoying though (you know what I'm saying).



Little Tokyo is really little but the attention to detail is relatively authentic (unlike the ghetto LA Koreatown).



Called "Tokyo Villa". Looks like it would fit right into Ginza.



Heard a lot about Los Angeles' large variety of food trucks. Didn't try this though.



All of Little Tokyo is spotless, so people have created these small oasis of vandalism.



From an art gallery here.



Everything was street art influenced. Wait, is that a Dyson fan in the background?



Lunch was here.



I miss real ramen.



School "officially" starts on Tuesday for me. Won't be able to post as many photos but you'll probably see more sketches and other design work. Thanks for coming back guys.