Tokyo 4 - (Roppongi, Shibuya, and more)


More photos I never got to post from my recent trip to Tokyo. Last update of 2010 by the way!
I'm missing this city already.

Super foggy in Roppongi.



Didn't get to take an in-depth look at Roppongi but I did pay a visit to Tokyo Midtown - a mixed-use development with a lot of premium shops.



There will be plenty of things you'll want to buy here.



An aroma humidifier made by Takumi called Chimney 2.



It becomes very obvious why it's named "chimney".



I ended up picking this up at Roppongi. The Y-Com Headset by AIAIAI.



Definitely not your normal earphones.



The either caps of the packaging hold the additional ear pieces.



The only ones I end up using are these foam ones. The silicone ones are too large and fall off too easily.



The cables are super thick and fairly rigid, making them almost impossible to tangle. The earphones are called Y-Com because of the unique Y-shaped splitter and built in mic.



Like. The sound quality is decent but way too bass heavy for my tastes.



These utilitarian, no-BS Japanese cars are pretty admirable. Almost like a bento on wheels.



What the hell is this?!



Took the subway to Shibuya. There are cabs dedicated to women in subways in Tokyo. My first guess is that they've had some harassment issues.



These ads caught my eyes on the subway. Thought they were phones with crazy form factors so I was disappointed when I found out that Pomera is a note taking device and Pitrec is a business card scanner.



Arrived at Shibuya. This is the famous Hachiko exit.



Possibly one of the most iconic intersections in the World?



In memory of Hachiko. To those who don't know Hachiko.



It was raining this day. We all know how annoying it is to carry an umbrella while taking photos.



But it totally paid off.



Of all the places I've been in Tokyo, this is probably the closest looking to Seoul.



The Shibuya Apple Store.



Walked in and thought; Eh, just another Apple Store.



Till I noticed this.



A glass staircase, not as impressive as NY's but still pretty damn awesome.

I didn't know that Muji made so many appliances and electronics till I came to Japan. They apparently even sell refrigerators and washing machines.



They make things so "normal" they're beautiful.



I think I'd describe their design as "cheap" Apple.



My favorite part about Muji is their lack of branding. Really makes you think about branding and how the logo is in some ways more influential than the design of a product itself.



The darkness brings a whole different character out of Shibuya.



There are so many things that make you chuckle in Tokyo.



Man, I love this place.



Found this little guy. One thing's for sure, its very cute but it's not a VW.



Tokyo has very handsome subways,



and bullet trains.



I went up a tower next to the hotel I stayed at to take some photos.



You can really see the Japanese obsession with order, neatness and modernism in these photos.



An incredible color palette,



and incredible density.



Went back up at night and was greeted with this charming scene.



Happy new year guys, I'll see you in 2011.