Week - 17


I've been working on a project so I haven't been able to post any updates for the past little bit. Nevertheless, here's another.
This ship has been sitting here for way too long now. Don't quote me on this but I think I've been seeing it for over a month now. I don't know how long it normally takes to unload all those containers but it looks like it's a slow and inefficient process.

These photos are from downtown Vancouver by the way.



Came across this. I saw these Scion posters a few times but I didn't give them a second thought. I then realized that Canada never had the Scion brand, and as far as I know, they are sold exclusively in the USA - until now. Despite this, there have been plenty of imported Scions running around in Vancouver. I'm sure that there are many Scion enthusiasts excited for this launch but I really dislike this brand so I'll just shut up.

I was in downtown for a friend's birthday.



Therefore cake was eaten.



Polaroid. I mean Fujifilm's Instax. People still call them Polaroids though.



The ridiculously overpriced Vaio P. The base price of this "netbook" is $900. That's enough to buy an iPad and a cheap netbook. Why anyone would go for the P is beyond my knowledge.



It sure is pretty though.



Brought my iPhone to the Apple store so it can meet up with its family.



I saw this and got really upset. I'll be using my phone in the US and we all know what the carrier situation is like for iPhone users there. Look at Canada. There are 5 carriers to choose from. Yes, 5.



I'm not using the bumper anymore. I got tired of the tiny cutout for the headphone jack that only allows you to use Apple's headphones.



My first facetime call. None of my friends have iPhone 4's so we gave it a try with the Apple's display unit. Photoshopped the screen for privacy.



I love the maple desks at the Apple Stores. Heard that they are $6000 though.



Will end with this. Evidence that Apple does fail and make mistakes. We're all human.