iPod touch 4G


My sister ordered the new iPod touch. Of course, I had to get my hands on it immediately.



The packaging. Don't know if it's just me but I prefer the cardboard boxes used in the iPhone models.



The packaging is pretty well done though.



The amount of accessories you get with Apple products these days is a bit ridiculous. Remember how many accessories we got with older iPods?



Here it is.



The iPod touch has returned to the flat back of the first generation iPod touch. The volume buttons are almost at a 45 degree angle because of the shape of the back. Feels a bit odd at first.



I really dislike the stainless steel backs on iPods; I'm a bit OCD when it comes to devices, and such a scratchable back is no good. Good for the case market though. Hmm... wouldn't it have been awesome if the iPod touch had an aluminum back like the iPad?



The camera and mic.



The camera isn't that great though. Actually, it's awful - it's only 0.7MP and fixed focus, making it even worse than the one on the 3GS.



And front facing camera. Facetime is probably the biggest addition. In my mind anyways.



The iPod touch now has the brilliant retina display. Sadly, it's not a IPS display like the iPhone 4 and it's really noticeable. The colors are generally a bit more washed out and have a "cooler" tone - bit like the iPhone 3GS. However, viewing angle is probably the biggest problem, as you can see in this video. Nevertheless, the people getting the touch won't be iPhone 4 customers anyways, so I guess this isn't a big issue. 

Despite some of the flaws, this thing is really really thin and gorgeous.



It's just a sliver of steel and glass.



Really thin.



32GB vs 160GB. Too bad Apple completely ignored the iPod Classic.



Thanks to the thinner bezzel, the footprint is much smaller too. Compared with the Zune HD and Samsung P2.



With the mintpass mintpad.



Well, it's an iPod touch. What more could you want? Though the touch feels really outclassed by the iPhone 4, we must remember that the touch is targeted as a lower-end product. The base iPod touch (8GB) is $230 so I can understand how Apple dropped some of the goodies.


Still, I think Apple could have at least given it a usable camera.

I'd be much nicer if it had an aluminum back though. :)