iPhone 4 is here.

It's here. After 4 hours of waiting at the Pacific Center Apple Store in Vancouver, I got one in my hands.

This is the unlocked 16GB iPhone by the way. Yes. Unlocked. Did I say it was unlocked?

Now, before we go any further, I just want to say one thing. The iPhone 4 is a completely different creature in real life. You really need to hold one in your hand to appreciate the beauty of this thing.

I originally wanted to get the white one but decided to go black because of the ridiculous delays. I'm happy that I got the black one though, it looks rather incredible. Also, note the second mic for noise reduction next to the headphone jack.

I just can't help but drool over the precision of the iPhone. I don't think I've ever owned anything of this caliber, including anything Apple has built in the past.

As you all know, the front and back are both tempered glass. Kinda scary at first, because it's like putting an egg in your pocket - psychologically at least.

I must admit, I'm a bit of a Mac fanboy but - man, this thing is gorgeous.

iPhone 4 has a flash. I'm actually a bit of a flash hater. I hate taking photos with a flash, they just look horrible. Maybe that's why I never bothered to put one into the HTC 1.

Next to the iPhone 3GS. Photos do not do justice for how "premium the iPhone 4 feels". Lets just say that it's the difference between a $200 Braun razor and a $30 Philips one.

The 3GS just comes out looking almost like a toy. Let me just say that I'm not saying that the iPhone 3GS is a bad phone by any means. It's still a fantastic phone.

The 4 is about 1/4 thinner than the 3GS. When I say 1/4 thinner, it may be hard to interpret how thin that really is. Here are a few photos to demonstrate. 

The iPhone 4 is almost as thin as the Zune HD. The Zune HD is really really thin, and the iPhone 4, a phone, is nearly as thin. Quite an achievement. 

iPhone 4 makes the HTC touch diamond II feel fat.

Remember how thin the Razr used to be? Well, the Razr looks thick next to the iPhone.

The iPhone is so thin that it's almost the same thickness as just the bottom half of the Razr. I must say, it's almost magical. 

Apple is on a roll.

The highlight feature of the iPhone 4 has to be the Retina display. I have used devices with AMOLED and OLED displays and none of them have the clarity, color, viewing angles, and sunlight legibility of the iPhone 4.

I honestly cannot make out the individual pixels. When you use the phone you know that they are there, but it's hard to pick them out. (app: Calcbot)

Fonts look great. (app: Twitter)

Graphics look great too.

The iPhone 4 also has an updated camera that functions quite well. Here are some samples. I just cropped and adjusted the exposure on these. Nothing else.

I don't want to sound like an Apple shill but after a few days of use, I honestly believe that this is the best smartphone for the masses in the market right now. If you haven't checked one out in real life, I urge you to go to an Apple store and feel what I am feeling right now. You won't be disappointed.

One more thing: remember me?