Week - 16


Recently got together with a few friends in Yaletown, an area in Downtown Vancouver. View from North Vancouver to Downtown Vancouver here.



Observation: Vancouver seems to have a very specific style of architecture.



It's a clean/uniform look but I don't understand why people aren't being creative. Obviously, not every building here looks like this but close to 90% of newly built ones are seemingly following this trend.


I usually talk about things I like. Here's another - Vespa scooters.



I just really like the look of painted, pressed steel. Love it.



A Honda clearly "inspired" by the Vespa. Called the Jazz in Canada but known as the Honda CHF50 elsewhere. Odd naming because the Honda Fit is called Honda Jazz in many regions.



I wouldn't have noticed this guy cleaning windows till he started talking on his phone.



Typical Miele design language.



Why Aluminum > Plastic in many ways.



Another weekly (what a lie) upload of photos.