iPhone 4 Bumpers


My free bumper arrived the other day. Packaging is minimal as usual.



As you probably all know, the bumper just protects the sides of the iPhone. I'm using it with front and rear screen protection.



The bumper is thicker than the phone so you don't scratch it when you put it on a flat surface.



Despite common belief, the bumper is more than a rubber band. It's got a plastic frame that adds rigidity and aluminum buttons for the volume and lock buttons. The case is really well made, though the original $30 price is too much.



The attention to detail is just awesome. There is one huge annoyance though. The hole for the headphone jack is really small and 80% of plugs are too thick for it. I'm really hating this design decision.



It's interesting to see how different the iPhone feels with the bumper on. Without it, it feels expensive and intricate (because someone will ask: that app is Convertbot - one of my favorite apps).



And with it, feels rugged and somewhat generic.

With the iPad. I'm not the biggest fan of black BTW. Interesting how this ended up.