The Official Apple iPad Case


I recently paid a visit to Vancouver's Pacific Center Apple store.



For this. Woah wait, I already have a case for my iPad right? You must be going, "Andrew why are you wasting money on another case?"



Well, this is why. You should never buy cheap Chinese goods off of ebay despite their alluring prices. The fake smelly pleather is separating from the cardboard underneath, which is starting to warp madly.



And my iPad constantly slips out of the case, despite the existence of this ugly wrinkled flap.



The reason I bought the knock-off case from China was because of this folding functionality.



Here it is. I think it's rather attractive, though many people seem to hate it.



There is much passionate despise toward's this case on the internet (which is why I didn't buy it in the first place). The main reason is the material. I'm not certain on what it's made of but it collects dust and finger prints extremely well.



Fully opened. Thanks to the thin design of the case, you can easily fold the flap back.



The iPad is secured by the tight fit of the case and a microfiber flap. The case is a really tight fit so if you are planning on removing your ipad often, this isn't the case for you.



The back is minimal.



The flap is reinforced with plastic which enables this transforming magic.



The tab that holds the front flap also hides the text "Designed by Apple in California / Assembled in China". How very Apple.



The case is held together by these ridges and they are slightly intrusive when it comes to button access. These ridges are also a bit uncomfortable when you hold the device. Annoying, but not a deal breaker.



Typing with the case = awesome.



Watching videos with the case = awesome.



The case does wobble a bit due to the character of the material. Atleast the iPad doesn't slip out like my old case.



All in all, I love it. Yes, the case collects dust and oil like crazy but they come off quite easily with a damp towel. And yes, everyone hates the ridges, but that is some serious nitpicking.


It's thin, functional and beautiful. Lesson of the day: don't trust everything on the internet and never buy Chinese knock-off products that are suspiciously cheap.