Week - 15

It's been a while since I posted random photos. Well, here are a bunch.

iPhone 4.

My iPhone 4 had a slightly loose hold button so I brought it to the Genius bar.

And they gave me a brand new iPhone. I had never dealt with the Genius bar before, but wow, that is awesome customer service. I'm guessing that they'll replace the button and sell it as a refurbished phone.

Something I have been digging recently - Gap's Helvetica movement. I know it's like cane sugar and is no good for me, but I just love this font.

Mmmm... Helvetica. Not a fan of their clothes though.

Another thing I love - Illy's design language.

It almost reminds me of Leica's iconic red circle.

Damn good coffee too.

Talking about coffee, I've always wondered the quality of coffee used in these Nespresso machines. Anyone own one?

My converse literally fell apart as I was walking so I decided that I needed a new pair of shoes.

My first pair of Nike - I'm more of an Adidas person. Hey Jovan, you happy?

This random post has come to an end.