iPad Case

What is iPad? iPad is thin. iPad is beautiful. iPad goes anywhere and lasts all day.

But, this really isn't comfortable. So I looked around for a case for my iPad. This was harder than I had expected. The Apple case is a dust magnet, incase's case is too thick, Macally's case falls apart, etc...

I eventually found this case on eBay for $27USD. It doesn't have a brand but hey, it's $27. The case is made of faux leather and is acceptable, but not spectacular in quality. And as you can see, there is some warping in the hinge area.

And it's relatively thin - a hard thing to find with iPad cases. The flap is also magnetic, so it holds itself shut.

The inside is covered with something that's supposed to be suede. Umm... feels more like rubber. Well, it's $27. Acceptable.

But what makes this case amazing is that it's a complete rip-off of the Apple case. Meaning that it's super versatile without Apple's dust collecting material. Slip the cover into the slot...

and you get a very functional stand.

Now I can do this.

And type.

And read. What can I say? It works as advertised.