Living with the iPad.

In the past few weeks, I have gone completely paper-free. At first, I had be skeptical about how well the iPad could replace magazines and newspapers, but it's clearly evident when you start using it everyday. Apps like the Wired Magazine really show how the iPad is equally capable as paper. The iPad actually provides a better experience as it contains interactive and video elements into the magazine.

I read the news exclusively on the iPad now. It almost feels like paper - without leaving you with ink on your hands of course.

A cup of coffee makes it even better.

Have you tried the Financial Times app? I feel that it does the best job with reproducing the paper experience. The iconic FT pinkish paper look is translated too. Brilliant.

As you may remember, in my previous review, I said that the iPad felt a bit thick. Well, I'm changing my mind now. It's really not that bad -

- especially when you consider that all of the World's information is available on this slate.