LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive


After completing the Monami, I got an email from LaCie, in France asking for my address. And this is what arrived:

The box is simple and tasteful. Thanks again to LaCie.

The portable hard drive is designed by Philippe Starck. In classic Starck and LaCie tradition, the design and build quality of the HDD is absolutely stunning. It has a solid aluminum casing that really gives the product a special quality. Interview with Philippe Starck by LaCie here.



Being a "portable" harddrive, it is quite compact and doesn't require a separate AC adapter, though an optional power-sharing cable is bundled.



The USB 2.0 cable tucks in neatly in the back...



... and can be pulled out for maximum portability.



The Starck HDD will be replacing my Seagate FreeAgent Desk. It's amazing to compared the build quality between the two. Silver plastic that tries to imitate aluminum just doesn't compared to real aluminum.



This is now my second product designed by Philippe Starck.



And also my second LaCie product, now joining my trusty WhizKey.