Cloer Küchenwaage

Cloer is a German, family owned company with a history of over a 100 years. They specialize in home appliances featuring pretty decent design. This kitchen scale caught my eye and had to be acquired instantly.


The box is pretty standard business.



The scale. It features a glass surface and a brushed aluminum inclosure. Isn't it gorgeous?



The weight is displayed through the glass surface. The scale has a single button for power and resetting the scale. This button feels a bit loose and can use some tightening up by the way.



The build quality is wonderful, though the finishing of the glass and aluminum are not exactly in the level of the "high tech" products. Nevertheless, it's pretty awesome in comparison to other kitchen ware.

The bottom. It eats up 3 AAA batteries.



Looks eerily similar to the iPhone.



118g. Seems to be working.



All in all, I love this scale. Absolutely beautiful.