Seoul - 11


I saw the Maserati GranTurismo on the way home the other day.



The last time I saw this car was at last year's Detroit Auto show. It was in black and I didn't care for it too much but something about this car in white is spectacular.



I think the contrast between the black and white is what makes it.



This is why I love Maserati.



Perfectly Italian.



Constantly finding things I like.



An observation. None of the taxis in Seoul have partitions between the driver and passengers but all the buses do. Buses also have a security camera above the driver. Isn't the taxi driver usually in more of a danger of assault?



The most common design of vending machines here. Notice how small all the bottles and cans are here. Actually, I find them to be the "right" size.



The space between the platform and train. After a number of accidents, they started adding these rubber extensions to tighten the gap between the train and the platform.



These are the older generations of the subway trains. Guessing these will be put out of operation soon.



The new train with a much more aerodynamic design.



Nice color palette.



Also nice.



On the way to Coex Mall (again). Looks more like London because of the fog.



This is a very typical apartment complex in Seoul. They are mostly monolithic and Orwellian in design.



Coex is now all prepped for Christmas. The lights they installed look really messy at day.



And at night, things get very dizzy.



With friends. My shoes get overexposed too easily. Arg.



They were transforming iPhones into white ones at Coex. Costs about $250 for the front + back. Wasn't sure if these were the genuine OEM parts.



Ahhhh want... Why does it have to be so costly.






I met up with another friend from Twitter. She had the A8s, which were ridiculously popular in Seoul. I've never seen a white one in real life though. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.



Being a Bang & Olufsen product, the A8s have unbelievably tight tolerances. They're probably the only company that matches/surpasses Apple's build quality.



There's a surprisingly vibrant BlackBerry user base in Korea. Not as big of a customization as the one in my last post but this one has a pink track ball.



I found this at Paris Baguette and bought it because of the unique design. Conclusion: Don't, there's like three gulps in there.



Korean cakes are some of the best I've ever had. If you ever visit Seoul, eat some cake.



I snuck up to the top floor of Coex. I had to go through a bunch of blocked out areas, this is probably not allowed. ;)



 The neighborhood around Coex.



Though nobody really uses this entrance, this is the main entrance to the mall/convention center.



Why did it have to be so foggy? You can get a glimpse of the stadiums used during the 88' Olympics.



That building in the background is called IPark and is one of the newer landmarks of Seoul.



So happy with both. I wish they sold these outside of Korea, more people need to experience Tridea.



My backpack is also serving me very well. It's the perfect size to hold my main gear and has a pretty slim profile, which is good for slipping through rush-hour crowds.