Seoul - 14 (DIETER RAMS)


On the 18th, I had the honor to go to a Dieter Rams' seminar. 

It was held near the Gyeongbokgung palace.

The weather has been pretty miserable for the past few weeks in Seoul.



It was hosted at Olleh Square. Olleh is a marketing term used by KT, a Korean telecommunications company.



The interior is pretty decent here.



Complimentary pamphlet.



Olleh Square seems to be normally used as a "showroom" for KT. They had all of their phones and tablets on display.






DIETER RAMS. I'm freaking out at this point.

His talk was pretty short - only 20 minutes. He went over his 10 principles of good design.



Dieter Rams' / Braun's influence.



During the intermission I rushed to him and got an autograph. A crowed formed and Mr Rams was promptly escorted away. Only a few people got a chance to get his autograph so I was quite lucky.



The Less and More exhibition was held at Daelim Contemporary Art Museum, located pretty close to Olleh Square. The exhibition is on till the 20th of March. If you're in Seoul, it's totally worth a visit (or two).




As you can see, I've been left speechless.