Tokyo - 3 (Ginza Part 2)


Information signage in Tokyo's subway terminals.



SoftBank's mascot is too adorable.



The subway system in Tokyo is quite complicated and backwards. Almost everything is more organized than Seoul here but this one exception. The main issue is that it's super complicated to transfer from line to line and to find the line you're looking for. Maybe it's because I don't speak Japanese.



Underground station.



And an above ground station.



Nearly identical to Seoul.



Most of the stations don't have sliding doors like Seoul. Prefer this because I can photograph the trains. ;)



Inside the train. A bit gloomy.



That messy one on the right is in pretty much every subway in Tokyo. My guess is that it's the headlines from a tabloid. Anyone know the answer?



More photos of Ginza this post.



Found a Rolls Royce.



White actually looks really good on this car. I walked away rather quickly after realizing that the passengers were still in the car.



The Ginza Apple Store.



The Beetles are back.



The interior. If I remember correctly, there were 5 floors at this store.



Something interesting about the Japanese Apple Stores: they have all of their products outside, not in the back room.


EDIT: Apparently Apple does this during the holiday season.


By far the most beautiful Apple Store I've been to (which isn't a lot).



Looks like someone was looking for directions.



The Japanese police cars. Only red lights.



At Ginza, you can also find a place called Nissan Gallery.



I'm guessing that they just present their latest vehicles and tech here.



They had to Nissan Leaf on display.



What an ugly car.



The battery packs on display.



The interior. Everything about the Chevrolet Volt is more attractive to me, personally.



You can probably get a feel for what Ginza is like.



This appears to be an electric bicycle.



What the hell?!



2 out of the 4 days of my stay were rainy. Hooray.



About 90% of the cars in Japan are JDM specific. Some really unusual cars can be found.



Bizarre. The vans in Japan are universally "over designed". Because of land shortage, I've heard that it's required for the buyer of a car to prove that they have enough space to park their car.



Makes sense why vans are considered so luxurious here - driving a van means you have a large parking spot.



Just realized that I forgot to take a closer look at the GXR. I've always wanted to know what they're like.



The Swarovski store at night.



I'm quite a fan of wagons. Similar driving dynamics as a sedan but with plenty of cargo capacity.



I've also seen these white taxis that use more modern cars than the "traditional" Tokyo taxi.



More lined up here.