Tokyo - 2 (Ginza Part 1)


Taking off from Seoul, Korea. Seoul has two international airports, Incheon is the larger, newer one and Gimpo (shown here) is the smaller one.



Picking up altitude.



South of the Han River - where I hang out the most. You can see the Tower Palace, Coex and World Trade Center here. As you can see, Seoul is quite mountainous and resulted in a  European-messy city layout.



Most of city is captured in this photo. Bye bye.



Mt. Fuji. I fell asleep after taking this photo so I don't have any aerial photos of Tokyo. Yes, I'm an idiot.



I stayed at a hotel in Ginza, Tokyo.



The first thing I saw after checking-in to the hotel. Fell in love with Tokyo this very second.



You can point your camera anywhere and get good photos here.



I love this place.



Now I really love this place.



Wait, that's an Alfa Romeo hiding behind the VW. I really really love this place.



I normally don't eat raw fish. This was so good I did.



The main street of Ginza - a shopping district.



Home to the Swarovski store designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, my favorite Japanese artist/designer.



Tokujin calls this the "crystal forest".



If you ever go to Japan, visit all the cellular companies, they have the best pamphlets ever.





Everything is so clean and neat.



The taste in cars is pretty awesome too.



Of course, they drive on the "right" side here.



I'm sorry I'm too tired to write anything meaningful today.



The grey crossing signals are really attractive. Almost reminds me of Dieter Rams' TV set.



The minimal Japanese characters are quite beautiful.



A must visit location in Ginza. Leica's store.



Of course, everything is superb but is out of budget for the impulse buy.



I get kicked out of stores quite often for taking photos. Wasn't sure if I was allowed here so I kept things discrete.



Upstairs is a small gallery. On the way up, you can see some of their historical models.



The gallery with photos taken using their cameras.



Exploded Leica.



This kind of makes you realize why lenses are so expensive.



Gorgeous. It's my dream to have a Leica as my primary camera.



But for now, Panasonic is the closest I'll ever get to Leica.