Went on a company dinner to a place called Platoon Kunsthalle. Seoul is obsessed about walking on the right, there's labeling on all the crosswalks, stairs and pretty much every public space.



Platoon Kunsthalle. It's built from iso cargo containers and has won a Red Dot design award too. There's a bar and restaurant here but they also showcase underground artists and in exhibitions and performances. Something odd though, they close at 1AM. Pretty early for a place like this.



Platoon Kunsthalle was apparently built by Germans. Their website is very confusing and I can't seem to understand why they built this in Seoul though. Also can't seem to find out if these exist outside of Seoul.



Loving the container boxes.



There's a wonderful, industrial appearance. This with electronic music creates a almost sci-fi like atmosphere.



It's hard to express this place with photos though.



Part of an art exhibition. They constantly showcase new art here.



Really enjoying Kunsthalle.



The cargo containers make great private rooms. This place would make an awesome design studio.



There's gorgeous typography everywhere.



How awesome is this place?! Those studios are where a variety of artists do their work. Each artist can rent one of four studios for 6 months at a time.



I want my home to look like this.

The third floor holds their office space.



Most of the food/drinks are priced at around $7. Not bad.



The food is nothing to write home about but it's decent. The atmosphere totally makes up for everything though. And hey, let's be honest, you're here to drink.



Most of the food they sell is "German", including schnitzel, sausages and meatballs.



Free Wi-fi. Really starting to like this place.



They have DJs here on select nights.



These guys were speaking German, I'm guessing they're related to Platoon.



It's official, I love this place.