Tridea Scene Stealer

I have recently discovered a small Korean case maker called, "Tridea". Their premium lineup is called "Scene Stealer" and certainly does steal the scene.


Because someone will ask: I don't know if they sell these cases outside of Korea.


I picked up two cases, the iPhone 4 and iPad sleeves. The iPhone sleeve is about $33 and the iPad one around $105. The prices may seem a bit hight but both cases are sewn by hand  using Korean cow hide and tanned using natural dyes.



The packaging. The company is so small that their few employees package these cases by hand at their tiny office in Garosugil.



Here's the iPad case. What really makes this case is the quality of the leather and stitching. There is nothing superfluous to be seen.


Many people have asked me on what I think the ideal form factor for the iPad is. I have been using Apple's official case and it's great for watching movies and typing. What it's bad for is reading. I find that the sharp edges and the flap just doesn't make it ideal for long periods of reading books and magazines. What I do most on the iPad is read - making the sleeve form factor ideal for me.


The back.



The inside is lined with suede which will not only protect your device but clean the screen.



Though there's no stand built into the case but, you get a nice platform for typing.



The iPhone sleeve. Once again, gorgeously minimal. The contrasting suede interior is eye catching.



Comes in a variety of colors. Went with the orange tone to match my GF1's case.



There's a bit of space on either sides of the case for the buttons. Squeezing the case allows for easier removal of the phone.



The back. Labeled "Designed by Tridea - Made in Korea".



Closeup of the suede lining.



Perfect harmony with the iPhone.



I went to the head office to buy both of the cases. On my second visit to buy the iPad case, the owner of the company gave me this snap-on case for free. The quality is really nice, on par with Incase's products.



However, the back is the ugliest thing ever.



Look at the other variations of the same case; so much better. I guess I shouldn't complain about something that's free.