Seoul - 7 (Garosugil)


I don't know exactly when but a few years ago, Korea switched to the Euro-style license plates; an excellent choice. The minimal design looks great on white cars.



It's hard to believe that such a vibrant city has been living with the possibility of war for over 50 years.



There are no Apple Stores in Korea so there are a selection of Apple resellers. Frisbee and a#shop are the two most common.

It's the small things that makes Seoul interesting.



I find the design of Samsung's smart phones very dull and copycat. They have a lot of fun dumb phones though.



Nothing I would buy but at least it's different.



I guess "cute" is the right word here.

There aren't many but they do sell Peugeot in Korea. It's always a pleasure to see them.



Fall is coming to an end.



I've recently found a small gem in Seoul, a street called "Garosugil" - literally means "tree-lined street". The street feels very "European". Everything is way overpriced and most people will have a hard time finding anything worth spending money on. It's worth a quick visit as the street is quite photogenic. 
There's plenty of expensive coffee on this street. Found the Cafe Nescafe reasonably priced and tasty. 
Liking the interior.
Of course, you need a few Vespas to complete the European look.
Any of you guys know of AIAIAI? They are a company from Copenhagen and make headphones and lifestyle products. They had a store here but it's gone out of business. :(
To be honest, there's not enough to see here to call it a tourist location or anything. 
MMMG is a Korean company that makes small stationary and accessories. They have a playful and minimal approach to design that I've come to love.
Kinda Bauhaus?
I picked up a wallet from them.
Super minimal.
They come in a range of random colors and you pick out the color combination you like the most.
"MMMG" stands for Millimeter Milligram. It apparently means that they want to find joy in the most minuscule things in life - very fitting for their design language.
I'm increasingly not liking Hyundai's design language, it's just too much. On the other hand, Kia is doing great. The K7 has a very restrained yet well proportioned design, not unlike VW. Take a look at those headlights.
Peter Schreyer has really transformed Kia.
The Sportage is another well resolved design. Compare it to the CRV and RAV4, there's no comparison. 
The rear possibly better looking than the front. This is a $20,000 vehicle. Looks closer to $40,000.
Kia is quickly becoming one of my favorite mainstream auto companies.
Definitely photogenic.