Seoul - 4 (Cyphics)


The last few days has been quite foggy/misty. 
Mix that with pollution and a sunrise and you get some compelling photos.
On the way to work.
Does anyone else recognize this? I've been seeing these metal plates in place of roads during construction. Maybe they're there as a placeholder before the tarmac is laid down. Not sure, I've never seen this back in North America.
Please Chevrolet, release the Spark back at home. I'd much rather see these on the road than all those nasty Yaris.
Morning traffic I'm dealing with every day.
For the next month, I'm doing an internship at a design studio called "Cyphics". Website here.
Inside the building.
And inside the office.
Lots of awesome toys on display for inspiration. I'll most some of the Japanese phones in a later post they're mind blowingly awesome.



The office is largely monochromatic with little splashes of color. 



Juicy Salif. It's so iconic it's almost cliche. 
There are so many interesting things everywhere. A total candy shop for your eyes.



Jasper Morrison's air chair and Mr Starck's stool in the background. Not sure about that table.
Flooring inside the office.



My favorite corner in the office.



Another super iconic design piece - by Naoto Fukasawa.



Very Japanese?



Talking about icons, one of the most popular designs by Cyphics is probably this humidifier designed for Loofen. It's awfully cute and is how I discovered the studio.



Comes in a range of colors.



Vapor output.



View from the deck of the office.



Isn't this the best looking milk carton you've ever seen? They sell these at a bakery called Paris Baguette here. I have never seen a milk carton with even a sliver of attractiveness so this surprised me.



I'm not a fan of milk but it almost makes me want some.
All works by this studio. If you're Korean you'll definitely recognize some of these.
A limited edition Soul. There's something about the city that doesn't make this car look awkward. 
K5 taxi in motion. I'm starting to think that the car is too "big", especially in the overhangs. 
The neighborhood where Cyphics is located.

I took a few videos too: