Seoul - 3


More photos from Seoul - these were taken on the same day as the last post.



There are small reminiscences of the past throughout the city.



They've started giving people carriage rides to tour the city. Quite bizarre to see a horse in the middle of busy traffic.



While there are plenty of Starbucks in Korea, there seems to be just as many A Twosome Place, Coffee Bean and Pascucci.



A Twosome Place has a slightly more muted and generic feeling compared to its counterparts. It also has a pretty unmemorable name.






The most popular chain of bookstores in Korea - Kyobo. They also sell many other things like electronics and stationary.



One of the emails I get the most is: What camera do you use?


The answer is the Panasonic GF1; the white camera in this picture.


Unbelievably gorgeous and unbelievably over priced.



An Ebook reader from iriver called Cover Story. iriver used to be incredibly influential but now that the mp3 player market has collapsed (thanks to the smartphone), they are entering different markets.



The keyboardless form factor is actually quite interesting. The biggest issue is that it runs for around $250. The Amazon Kindle is $140.



This Samsung point-and-shoot caught my eye - the build quality is outclasses the camera.



The Samsung NX100 is Samsung's new micro-four-thirds camera.



It's really way too big.
Some interesting design cues though; I quite like the fluid look of the camera - something quite differentiating.
The leather case doesn't really work with cameras with an "SLR-like" design. Looks awesome on the Olympus PEN and mine though.
MUJI. You guys probably know these guys.
Awesome stuff.
I think I might have to get one of these - designed by Naoto Fukasawa. 
If Naoto and Jasper ruled the World.
What most of the city "feels" like.
Many people don't know this but Samsung actually sells cars in Korea - a partnership with Renault and Nissan. I'm not to knowledgable in this relationship but I believe that they also do some development and manufacturing. The brand is literally called "Samsung Renault".
If you know Renault, these cars will look familiar. These two are their high-volume sedans - on the left is the SM3 and on the right, the SM5.
Showrooms are so compact here.
The new Grand Cherokee is out here too now. This looks pretty decent in white.
I always find translated posters very interesting. The poster says something completely different from the original - pretty much just describes the synopsis. Odd. That thing to the left is a touch screen with various information and maps.
Well, that's it for now!