Seoul - 2


Late fall in Seoul.

I've been seriously impressed by the Kia K5's design - will be released in the US as the Optima in 2011. Those machined wheels look incredible too.



It's possibly Kia's best design. It's really hard to believe that this is a $20,000~30,000 sedan. To really appreciate this car, compare it to the Accord/Camry/Sonata in your head. Mind blown.



Even the lower speced model, without the fancy wheels and LED running lights looks just as nice. Its stance does come off as being a bit narrow looking but hey, it's $20,000.



Very handsome.



Finally taxis can look nice too.



This is the higher-end sedan from Kia called the K7 (in the Toyota Avalon class). I must say, the K5 looks almost more expensive.



 This is what much of the urban areas "feel" like.



One of my favorite towers in Seoul.



They're making such a big deal over the G20 Summit.



Vending machine with a hat.







Thanks to multitouch, this is seriously the best subway map.




There's a lot of hidden beauty in this city.



Wish they sold more super compacts like this in the US. Those wheels are very GTI by the way.



I think I'll start making these sidewalk shots a habit.



Sorry for such a photo centric post, I just organized 200+ photos and don't feel like writing. More posts to come soon - anything in particular you guys want to see?